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Fashion Tips for Dubai World Cup

(by : Rosye Beadle)
Are you looking for fashion tips of Dubai World Cup?
Dubai World Cup in UAE  has become the home of one of the world’s top racing challenges, and has drawn the attention of millions of enthusiasts around the globe.
To attend this kind of event, they set some rules of fashion. For example at Royal Ascot, attendees are asked to wear skirts or modest dresses that falling just above the knee or longer, whilst men should adorn tasteful morning attire which includes compulsory waistcoat and tie: cravats have also been banned.

Let’s start…
In Dubai World Cup guests should dress modestly and respectfully.
For Women
– Wear modest dress, that falling just above your knees or longer, avoid sequins and ballgowns
– Wear light pastels colors, summery colours or colourblocks
– Higheels would be nice but avoid stiletto, try your new shoes a few days before the event to break them in
– Choose a glam hairdo and accesory
– Do not wear heavy make up
– Take a clutch with a shoulder or wrist strap
– Women are also encouraged to wear hats

For Men
The concept is dress to impress with slick tailoring and smart accesories
– Ensure you have a great fitting suit
– A three piece can be classy
– Avoid business suits
– Show some color into shirt or tie
– Wear a dandy hat
– Wear a flower in the lapel can be a choice
horse in dubai race

Hope these tips help and hope you can impress the jury in Jaguar Fashion  Competition to whom will join it.

Enjoy the prestigious event!

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