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Hat Hunting- A ‘Wow’ Hat Time

(by : Rosye Beadle)
One of accessory I like to put on my head is hat…currently I have about a dozen of hats.  I do have special interest to hats and visited hat section many times when I went to fashion stores. Although it was just a window shopping.
March 2014 is one of a very special month in Dubai. Why? Because, Dubai Wolrdcup will be held at the end of this month. It is a special annual event in Dubai. Horseracing began in the Emirate in October 1981, when the dusty Camel Track hosted the first thoroughbred racemeeting.   I will write in special section about Dubai Wolrdcup 2014 anyway.
Now let me be specific, It’s been a hat hunting time since about couple of months ago. When I was selecting my hat, I found various style of hats : cute, creative,classic,artistic and wow hats in many stores in Dubai lately. I also found extraordinary hats styles in exhibitions made by well known milinery designers. It is another atmosphere I enjoy here, indulging my eyes with the lovely views of wow hats.  rb-Mar2014
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