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Show Your Colors (Beautiful Nails)

(by Rosye Beadle)

What color do you like to put on your nails today? To help me choosing the color, I have at least six to seven pots of colors. With enough colors alternative you might get creative idea in polishing your nails.

I usually put dark color such as black,dark blue, deep purple, neon or bling colors when I go to music concert,cafe or hangouts with friends. I put bright pastel colors such as pink, fuschia, orange, soft green for any occasion  during days or for semi formal meetings. Daily I  put nude, cream or soft pink color. For special occasion like party I would consider to match with my dress or lipstick color. If you have enough time you could try french manicure at home creatively. Of course before apply the nail polish,  I put petroleum jelly such as Vaseline around the nails , so I can just wipe any polish mistake. (*rb-Apr2014)

layer 1 paints of pot

layer 2 pots of paint

pots of colors edited
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