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High Heels On but Love Your Feet

(by Rosye Beadle)

I can not deny that high heels are lovely and sexy at the same time. I am sure many women do love their high heels, but if you wear them all the time, significant foot pain and other problems can ensue.

There are several alternatives that I usually do to prevent pain on my feet. I stop walking for a while then continue, If I feel pain on my feet. The other alternative, I put tired leg gel that I could find in supermarket or chemist. It gives cool effect to the feet, but as it is liquid and evaporates, so I need to put it several times. I sometimes use foot pillows that is perfect for pumps shoes and flat shoes. I also put invisible gel cushions on shoes to comfort my feet. It prevents the burning pain on feet and usually available in different shapes that can be attached on different side of the shoes.

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Over it all, previously I always do the walking trial a bit longer with the shoes I want to buy before I pay it in cashier. When I found the shoes that really impressed me, still I would try at least three pairs of shoes in the same brand to make sure it is the most comfortable one. Never rush in shoes store.

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