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Fashion and Style at Atlantis the Palm

(by : ELizabeth Borneman)

We all know that luxury and style go hand in hand with fashion, and that combining these three elements together makes for an experience you’ll have a hard time forgetting. Fashion inspires not only those intimately involved with the process of creating, but those who can use and see the products as well.

Fashion is a collaborative effort that pushes the boundaries of how we see the world. From clothing to furniture, cars to buildings, the designs that create the world around us all attribute to the style and fashions that appeal to us the most.

We’re all involved in the fashion world to greater or lesser degrees, and whether or not we like it! Every time we go shopping for new shoes, clothes, or even things to fill our houses we are making fashion choices. From practical fashion choices to some of more fantastical offerings seen on the catwalks of the world fashion is everywhere.

When fashion meets luxury you have a recipe for style unlike any other. Atlantis The Palm Resort in Dubai is one of those places that seems bigger than reality, from the extraordinary architecture and location on the world’s first man-made island to events and amenities they have just for the fashionista in all of us.

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Dubai is known for being a fashion-forward city and Atlantis is contributing to that image. Atlantis the Palm has its own shopping area containing a variety of stores ranging from high end jewelry to luxury retail with everything in between to make your Dubai vacation go smoothly. Complete with a few cafes and enough coffee to keep you shopping all day, visit the mall in Atlantis for all your retail therapy needs!

Atlantis has hosted more than a few spectacular parties, from its grand opening bash featuring international artists, celebrities, and fashion icons from around the world to its annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display. Atlantis the Palm was also host to the world’s first underwater fashion show, organized by the American University in the Emirates fashion design school students.

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Dubai Fashion Week provides another excuse to visit this stunning city as designers and models from around the world converge on the UAE for a week of glamour, glitter, and more. Your eyes won’t know what to look at when you’re surrounded by the world’s tallest building, the world’s first artificial islands, the bright sun and sand in addition to tons of new fashion designs from brilliant international minds!  For all this and more head to Dubai and make sure to visit the luxurious Atlantis the Palm Resort. Fashion, luxury and style are at your fingertips!

*Photo courtesy of (1)Werner Bayer and licensed under Creative Commons,(2) Jaguar MENA and licensed under Creative Commons


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