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BATIK : A Creative Art with a Profound Meaning


(By : Rosye Beadle)

Batik is an art and craft which is inherited from ancient Java tradition in Indonesia. In Javanesse tik means dots. Batik is made by drawing lines, dots, or arch of the resist with a tool called a canting ( a pen-like tool use to apply liquid hot wax).

To create Batik, First the wax need to be applied over the pencilled-in outline of pattern, the part covered in wax resist the dye and remain the original colour. Next step the cloth is dyed in the first dye bath, then the second wax is applied. The next process, the cloth is dyed in the second dye bath. The last process, the cloth would be boiled in order to remove the wax.

There are several Batik patterns that have been used since the beginning of Batik creation. Each pattern has the meaning and some of them show the status symbol of the wearer. For example Sida Mukti pattern, Sida means to become or to have done which express the hope to achieve spiritual happyness. Sekar Jagad means a beauty and grace that impresses people, or Truntum that was created by a queen in Java in seventeen century. Truntum means everlasting love that continues grow. There are at least twenty known base patterns with various meaning.

Several designers have developed Batik in a contemporary style. The contemporary Batik Indonesia patterns use animal, myth, flower or combined with a classic style. Young people like to wear contemporary Batik. Because of its unique pattern, Batik is now printed not just on traditional cotton or silk but also in leather or in hard material such as ceramic and wood.

There are numbers of public figure that have publically worn Batik such as : Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Carlos Santana, Julia Robert, Reese Whitterspoon, Heidy Klum.  Oscar de la Renta used batik as the base of one of his design that was worn by Jesica Alba.

 *rb-May 2014

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