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3 Fashion Rules to Break Now

(By : Rosye Beadle)

There are some myth or rules in fashion that need to be followed. For example when people wear black shoes it should be match with black or dark bag. Why don’t we try to think out the box now. Let’s take a look.

Myth 1 : Bag should match the shoes

That’s what the myth says, but who would stop you to play with the color or pattern of your bag and shoes? Not necessarily waiting for a special occasion to get a different look. Take a look this nice mix and match idea from Chanel.

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Myth 2 : No Stockings with Open-Toe Shoes

Nothing wrong to wear stockings or tights with open-toe shoes. Pair the dark tights with bright color shoes. For example silver shoes with black tights. Personally I like to wear black stockings against gold shoes or dark grey stockings against my red or blue or shoes. If you want to push the boundary more, try bright color tights against any color of shoes.

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Myth 3 : You Have to be Tall to Wear Long Dress

Even if you are shorter, you can wear any outfit you desire including wear a long dress. Find a good tailor to get the best fit.

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