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What I wore : Jumpsuit and High heels

(by : Rosye Beadle)

One of outfit I like to wear is jumpsuit. Especially in summer time. I feel taller when I wear it. At the moment  the average weather in Dubai is about 81f to 84f in the morning and raises into 106f in mid day, but it does not mean I can not wear various style outfits instead of shirt and shorts. So I choose the breathable and lightweight fabrics.

With jumpsuit I can pair with sandal for summer chic, to get the elegant look I wear high heels. In this picture I’m wearing a monochrome sleeveless jumpsuit that made from smooth lightweight fabric and a four inches high heels (inspired by Beyonce). I accessorize with a gold chain-pearl necklace and gold stud earings. I tie my medium lenght hair and put it on one side. Of course I never forget my aviator sunglasses for this summer.  *rb-July 2014

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(photo by : Jo Soedewo) for

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