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How Many Seconds Can You Look at These Clothes? (Fashion Forward 2015)

(by: Rosye Beadle)

This weekend I spent my time to attend Fashion Forward season 5, 2015 in Dubai. I was expecting to see the creativities of young designers then I found several of them were very interesting and made me stare longer. Several designs were simple but showed slightly different in details. Talking about trends, It seems fashionistas, especially ladies in UAE are facing a bigger choices than ever before. Either in color combinations, style and accesories. Between the show I also attended one of the fashion talk which shared some informations of window display in digital era. Generally the shows in FF season 5 were interesting, however the lightings in some shows were quite disturbing that faded away the colors during the fashion shows.

Get a closer look at some pictures that I took.

Couture (photo :
Couture by Jean L. Sabaji (photo :
Monochrome from various designers in Fahion Forward 2015 (photo :
Monochrome by various designers in Fashion Forward 2015 shows (photo :

*rb doc-April2015

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