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Fruits and Vegetables Market as a Weekend Theraphy

(by : Rosye Beadle)

Visiting Dubai Fruits and Vegetables Market

There is no doubt that fruits and vegetables provide so many advantages for human body. Not only is a healthy food/diet, but also help to reduce some diseases. In my experience it was more than that. It’s been a quite long ago since I visited such a huge fruits & vegetables market. So on weekend I decided to visit Dubai fruits and vegetables market. I often passed this market anyway, but never stopped by. Finally I made it. It was my fun number one. By the way it is located in Ras Al Khor industrial area, about a couple kilometres from Dragon Mart.

Fun number two, The place is huge with various options of fruits and vegetables for wholesale and some retail. My third fun, the prices are cheaper than at supermarkets. Perfect!  I felt like I was at home, buying fruits and vegetables with friendly price. Which is in Dubai, friendly or cheap price is quite difficult to find.

Anyone who wants to buy loads of fruits or vegetables do not have to worry as there are men with carts who offer their service to accompany buyers while shopping with some tip as a pay back. There were sellers that display their price list and some were not. I preferred to visit them with price lists on.

paid less than AED160 for all of these
paid less than AED160 for all of these

As considerations, they sell in a medium to large box/bag of fruits and vegetables, to be honest consume them not more than a couple of weeks. Anyway before I started shopping, I browsed the whole block (one retail block) twice, which was good for me. Be ready with small amount of money such as AED5, AED10 and AED20. Buying fruits which unwrapped by plastic ease us to check the possibility of the unqualified one. Communicate in simple way while buying/bargaining.

Seems like it is one of my weekend therapy. I hope this is useful especially for expats in Dubai

visit & follow : www.notesofdesertrosestyle.com
visit & follow : http://www.notesofdesertrosestyle.com

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