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Giethoorn – A Rustic Atmosphere in Netherlands

(by : Rosye Beadle)

It was warm and nice when I arrived at Schiphol airport on mid July. I spent several interesting days in Amsterdam, but wait! I got an invitation from my lovely old friend to visit her in Zwolle. She texted me that we can visit Giethoorn as well. What a spontaneous journey! why not? Interesting!

This is my short note of a countryside that is called Giethoorn in Netherlands. It is located in the municipality of Steenwijkerland, Overijissel province and about 30 km from Zwolle. I started the journey from Amsterdam Central Station. It took nearly seventy-five minutes by train to reach Zwolle from Amsterdam. From Zwolle then we travelled by car which took about 25 minutes to Giethoorn., photo by: Rosye, photo by: Rosye

My first impression of this village was, I wanted to go camping if I could!  We walked along the small country road and sometimes there were a herd of cows on the right or on the left side of this car free road. I then saw the row of unique thatched-roof farmhouses and numerous wooden bridges after a five minutes walked from the gate. Several houses are covered by vines. Those houses and the unique wooden bridges stand gracefully while boats and canoes are passing over and over again through the waterways. What a very picturesque village!

A couple of times we had to cross over a less than a meter width wooden bridge that we should share with the bicycles when we heard the ringing bells behind our back 🙂

We couldn’t help to not having a picture at this spot as well.

Last but not least while we were enjoying the summer breeze, we didn’t forget to chill out in a cozy floating cafe there. Seriously, I successfully didn’t touch my cellphone for hours when I was in this village!

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(dedidated to all readers, travellers, Susie & Jan in Netherlands)

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