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London : My Impromptu Journey at Camden ‘Punk Rock’ Town

(by: Rosye Beadle)

I am a fan of jazz, funk, acid and rock music. Therefore while I was in London city I didn’t forget to have a self-guided music tour with my husband. I have also heard there is an interesting town with a strong musical reputation that is called Camden, which forms part of Inner London.

An Impromptu Journey

Yes, I had an impromptu journey in London! We extended our visit in London for a couple of days more and chose to stay in Camden Lock with a desire to found out more about this music town. Beside that the hotel had a friendly price. Sounds good, isn’t it? ,photo : RosyeBe Photography photo by : RosyeBe Photography

Look What I Found

When I was walking along the Camden High Street, I felt like I was surrounded by rock fans. However according to the music history of this town, Rock is not the only strength, it is also the venue of various music. It is no surprise that MTV Europe is based in this town.

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Talking about fashion, There is no doubt that Punk Rock fashion is the dominant style of this town, but my eyes were also indulged by Vintage and Retro style in Camden Market. I was quite surprised for the 50’s,70’s and 80’s fashion that still have their own fans as I saw number of enthusiastic buyers in that market.

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Gastronomy adventurer may spend longer hours here as there are loads of food stalls that serve international foods in an open-air area. I had a Japanese lunch at the first day at Camden Lock, and then a Mexican food at the second day at Camden Market.


A little tip, while I was visiting this town, I preferred bring no precious things in my bag. By the way, nothing bad happened when we were there.

As there were loads of open-air cafes, bars and restaurants near the hotel where we stayed, so I heard a music instrument was still playing at 12 am. Anyway it didn’t bother me to continue sleeping because we have walked almost nonstop in Camden. I had fun as I expected.*rb-Aug2015

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