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UAE : Inside The Burj Al Arab

(by : Rosye Beadle)

Last February (2015) I had a chance to attend a fashion show event at the first 7s stars hotel, The Burj Al Arab in Dubai. It is said that Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious hotel. Several times I had events close to this hotel and I would not miss to take picture of the hotel from a different angle. Finally I decided to overcome my curiosity for how interesting this 1053 foot high building from inside.


The building is located in a man-made island, Jumeirah. I had to cross a white bridge to enter the hotel. Just after I entered the hotel lobby, I was completely sure that I wouldn’t be disappointed as my eyes were indulged by the interesting modern architecture. It’s so unique and how luxurious? It was answered by the real gold plated interiors.


After I browsed at first floor, I went to the second floor. There were restaurants, luxury boutiques and more gold things to be captured with my little camera. Then I moved to upper floor that was Al Falak ballroom. The design is inspired by the 18th century Vienna opera house style. One word, Stunning!



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