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Soft Summer Make Up Tutorial (Maybelline Eyeshadow)

Hi Make Up Lovers,

It is better not to look so bold on summer and avoid the pale look as well, so  I recommend you to look this soft summer makeup (eyeshadow) tutorial that give you an option how to look fresh and natural. This time I’m using Maybelline eyeshadow.

As usual I apply the eyeshadow primer before I apply the eyeshadow. Let’s then play with this cute palletes.

1.Highligt the browbones with the lightest eyeshadow (no.1)

2.As a transition colour, apply the grayish-brown eyeshadow on your creases with fluffy brush in back and forth motions. This is optional, you can either apply the light brown or peach matte eyeshadow that you have, instead of this one so your crease won’t look too much. I also use the tape to create the corner angle look.

3.Apply the brown colour on the outer corner of your eyes with the circle motions using fluffy brush as well.

4.Tap no.4 colour on middle part of your eyelids.

5.Apply the dark brown colour on outer corner of your eyes using the small eyeshadow brush then blend it. It meant to create line illusion /contour on the outer corner of your eyes.

6.Add the white-champagne colour on inner corner of your eyes to create a fresh eyes look.

To complete the look, create the winged eyeshadow with your favorite eyeliner and add your matte brown colour eyeshadow on your lower lash-line.

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