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Bali : Eat Pray Love Beach (Padang Padang)

(by : Rosye Beadle)

“..with a very low natural light, A slight drop of water and the smell of moss added to the dramatic cave situation”.

Last year a friend of mine said she wants to ‘buy’ the perfect sun on beach that she can hardly get in the country where she stays. So she and I decided to visit Bali. There is no doubt one of the most attractive spots in Bali are the beaches. I have visited Bali three times and I never missed the beaches. During the holidays the beaches are normally crowded. I have heard from my friend there’s a less crowd beach, it is called Padang Padang beach or Labuan Sait beach. It is located in Pecatu, south Kuta, Bali. A 30-40 minute drive from I Gusti Ngurah Rai international airport.

I didn’t realize Padang Padang beach was one of the Eat Pray Love film location starring Julia Roberts. In that film Julia was searching for peace of life and the meaning of love. Aren’t that sound very positive?




We were welcomed by solid stairs galore just after Padang Padang gate. a Couple of monkeys were eating on stairs (watch your belongings). It was a good start! Then the staircase went down deeper. Oh, this is an adventure part for me : I had to enter a narrow cave, then even more narrow that only fit to one person with a very low natural light inside. A slight drop of water  and the smell of moss added to the dramatic cave situation. I was quite sure I wasn’t in Scooby doo scene. It was a little bit spooky but (of course) so natural. I questioned myself : “how deep is the cave? Are there more monkeys inside? Are there bats? snakes?”

Good news! There were no snakes or bats inside, only several monkeys hanging around in the trees outside the cave. Though I was expecting a couple of bats 🙂 I really like that crazy cave. It was a quite deep cliff anyway.




The white-sand beach was quiet atmosphere and crystal clear waters made me relax after a long time to swim and snorkeling here. I saw 5-6 surfers enjoyed the waves. Some part of the beach looks virgin and has very rough rocks that I could walk on carefully. This beach is not too big, also has several outdoor showers, has coconut & snacks sellers.



Padang Padang was a hidden beach, however it’s getting popular. This beach is different, cheap and a well worth to visit.

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*rb-Jun 2017


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