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What I wore : Jumpsuit and High heels

(by : Rosye Beadle)

One of outfit I like to wear is jumpsuit. Especially in summer time. I feel taller when I wear it. At the moment  the average weather in Dubai is about 81f to 84f in the morning and raises into 106f in mid day, but it does not mean I can not wear various style outfits instead of shirt and shorts. So I choose the breathable and lightweight fabrics.

With jumpsuit I can pair with sandal for summer chic, to get the elegant look I wear high heels. In this picture I’m wearing a monochrome sleeveless jumpsuit that made from smooth lightweight fabric and a four inches high heels (inspired by Beyonce). I accessorize with a gold chain-pearl necklace and gold stud earings. I tie my medium lenght hair and put it on one side. Of course I never forget my aviator sunglasses for this summer.  *rb-July 2014

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6 Ways to Personalize your Own Style

(by : Rosye Beadle)

There are many nice and trendy outfits in stores, but everyone likes to be different in some point. You don’t have to break the bank to do it 🙂

There are things I usually do to personalize my style, I summarize to this list :

  • Design your own outfit. Designing your own outfit, so you could costumize it. Even if you are not  a  designer, you can get the inspiration from magazines, TV, boutiques or department stores and blend the design  with your  own idea. Find the affordable fabric/material then bring it to tailor.
  • Find your signature color. Find the favorite color. It helps you to show your personal style. For example  Katy Perry likes to wear bright or colorful outfits. Karl Lagerfeld likes to wear black and  white. Pick the color that make your feel good.
  • Mix and Match. Pair your clothes in several different pieces  to get a unique idea of your style.
  • Have things Tailored. For example when you find the discount clothes, you can bring them to  tailor for alteration.
  • Accesories. Accesory is one of important thing to personalize your style. Either you can add   jewellery, scarf, beads, lace, buttons, ribbon, emblem or belt. Wear hat, headband or sunglasses. Maybe you want to add your own quote and stamp it onto tshirt, that is one way to personalize your style. Add detail on your shoes such as ribbon or lace.
  • Be Your Self. Not all things in store or in trend  always suit to you. Even if you want to change your style, find the cloth that looks good to you and show your own personality.

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