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How Many Seconds Can You Look at These Clothes? (Fashion Forward 2015)

(by: Rosye Beadle)

This weekend I spent my time to attend Fashion Forward season 5, 2015 in Dubai. I was expecting to see the creativities of young designers then I found several of them were very interesting and made me stare longer. Several designs were simple but showed slightly different in details. Talking about trends, It seems fashionistas, especially ladies in UAE are facing a bigger choices than ever before. Either in color combinations, style and accesories. Between the show I also attended one of the fashion talk which shared some informations of window display in digital era. Generally the shows in FF season 5 were interesting, however the lightings in some shows were quite disturbing that faded away the colors during the fashion shows.

Get a closer look at some pictures that I took.

Couture (photo :
Couture by Jean L. Sabaji (photo :
Monochrome from various designers in Fahion Forward 2015 (photo :
Monochrome by various designers in Fashion Forward 2015 shows (photo :

*rb doc-April2015

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My Fashion Notes from Dubai World Cup 2015

(by : Rosye Beadle )

Beside the races and horses, fashion is one of very interesting thing in Dubai World Cup. On 28th March,2015 I had another chance to attend the Dubai World Cup and the Jaguar Style stakes. Dress to impress is all part of the event itself. There are several requirements of fashion in this event, such as should be elegant, respectful and stylish. Especially if attendees want to join the Jaguar Style Stakes.

There were hundreds of fashion-concious competed for the top honours at the Jaguar Style Stakes, the British luxury carmaker that has been hosting this event for the past five years. The fashion contestants were adjudged by an exceptional panel of judges from Jaguar representative, desainers and stylish from UAE, Dom Bagnato (senior designer from Australia) and Aaron Kwok (singer,actor & Longines ambassador of elegance). The categories were Best dress lady, Best Hat, Most creative hat, Best dress man, Best dress couple and Most elegant lady.

This year I had the opportunity to join two categories, Best hat and Best dress lady. It took me three weeks to decide and then modified my fascinator by myself. I didn’t expect much as there were so many unique and beautiful headpieces in the arena, some were designed by top millineries designers , but surprisingly panel of judges chose my hat as one of Best Hat finalist on Jaguar Style Stakes 2015.

Regarding the competitions,  I loved seeing loads of creativities in that arena.

Here are some pictures from 20th Dubai World Cup and Jaguar Style Stakes 2015

Various hats & fascinators in Jaguar Style arena were ready to join the competition of Best hat and Most creative hat category.
me as Best Hat Finalist on Jaguar Style Stakes 2015/69 Trend Print Dubai Worldcup2015- AHLAN fashion &lifestyle magazine version
in Massimo Dutti studio DWC2015 (fr AHLAN fashion &lifestyle magazine) –

Check the links below : Juries on Jaguar Style Stake 2015
Judges on Jaguar Style Stakes 2015
Trend Print  (AHLAN Fashion &lifestyle magazine version) -
Trend Print (AHLAN fashion &lifestyle magazine version) –

Check the link below :

On GulfNews TV

Kylie Minoque and one of her style on stage at Dubai World Cup 2015


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Fashion..Fashion..All Around (Fashion Forward 2014)

(Photo by : Rosye Beadle )

Recently I went to Fashion Forward event 2014, It is the fashion week in UAE. It included fashion shows,panel discussion led by global industry experts, fashion academia and parties.

Check out some pictures that I captured during the Fashion Forward April 2014.


fashion forward layer2
at Fashion Forward2014
fasfow edited (1 of 1)WEBSITE
ESSA fashion show, from UAE

Taller Marmo fashion show,from Itali

fasfow edit2 label


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Tasty Fashion in Dubai World Cup 2014 and More..

(written by : Rosye Beadle)

Dubai World Cup 2014

Everything was not just about the racing at The World’s richest day in horse racing. The Dubai World Cup 2014 that was opened by Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His highness Sheikh Muhammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Muhammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum. I could see everyone also enjoyed the fashion, music, spectacular fireworks display as the curtain, nice food and drinks. Gondolphin rules the world of horse racing once again African Story ridden by Silvestre De Sousa win $10 million.

I had a medley moment of taking pictures at this event, started from horses power then fantastic fashion and; style display.   Not just things I mentioned above, The closing was very entertaining, It was  Jeniffer Lopez ‘rocking’ concert. Superb!

 Jaguar Stakes and Fashion

During my fashion exploration at Dubai World Cup 2014, I joined one of the most favorite event, called Jaguar Style Stakes that sponsored by Jaguar. They set various categories of fashion and style contest. The panel of judges were Joelle Mardinian Max Factor Regional Creative Director,  Fashion designer and Stylish AlAnoud Badr, Runner Up Miss World 2012 Jessica Kahawaty and Jaguar team. The event was reported by numbers of  wellknown massmedia.

The stakes are high and the energy infectious, race day is about winning and making the ultimate Style Statement. Let’s take a look at some pictures I captured with my camera at Dubai World Cup 2015.

tag and hand
fashion at DWC 2014 new website
style @ DWC2014
hats hats
Fashionista’s hats
Jeniffer Lopez new website
guest star, JLo

When I joined Jaguar Style Stake, some pictures featured  in magazine and online media

me 353@ Jaguar Style Stake
me 353@ Jaguar Style Stake Runway 2014

me@Jaguar Style Stage catwalk
me@Jaguar Style Stake Runway 2014

my hat in Ahlan Magz
my hat in Ahlan Magz
me 353, at Jaguar Style Stake
fetured in HELLO! Lyfestyle Magazine
 * Any milinery or new/established clothes,shoes, handbag desainers, boutique, stores who wish to show their product in the prestigious Jaguar stake-Dubai WorldCup (to be a sponsor) please feel free to contact me.
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