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Dubai : How to Get to The Top of The World (Burj Khalifa)

(by : Rosye Beadle)

It was the 2nd time I was on the top of the world, Burj Khalifa. Actually it happened last year, however just this time I decided to share on my website.

What is Burj Khalifa? at the moment Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world. It reaches 828 meters (2,722 ft) heights, 830 meters (2,717 ft) heights to tip.
photo by Rosye

Where is Burj Khalifa? it is located at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

How to go to Burj Khalifa? either you can go by taxi, tour bus or Metro.

For the first visit, it might be a bit confuse to find the entrance from outside. According to my experience, the much easier way to reach the entrance is you go inside the Dubai Mall (main entrance). Anyway, the 2nd time I went there it was on June so it was hotter than usual and so dusty. However it did not reduce my intention getting another pictures from up there.

This is the interesting view from 160th floor that I captured. I set the zoom on to get the clearer view of Dubai fountain.

at the top of Burj Khalifa

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Bali : Eat Pray Love Beach (Padang Padang)

(by : Rosye Beadle)

“..with a very low natural light, A slight drop of water and the smell of moss added to the dramatic cave situation”.

Last year a friend of mine said she wants to ‘buy’ the perfect sun on beach that she can hardly get in the country where she stays. So she and I decided to visit Bali. There is no doubt one of the most attractive spots in Bali are the beaches. I have visited Bali three times and I never missed the beaches. During the holidays the beaches are normally crowded. I have heard from my friend there’s a less crowd beach, it is called Padang Padang beach or Labuan Sait beach. It is located in Pecatu, south Kuta, Bali. A 30-40 minute drive from I Gusti Ngurah Rai international airport.

I didn’t realize Padang Padang beach was one of the Eat Pray Love film location starring Julia Roberts. In that film Julia was searching for peace of life and the meaning of love. Aren’t that sound very positive?



We were welcomed by solid stairs galore just after Padang Padang gate. a Couple of monkeys were eating on stairs (watch your belongings). It was a good start! Then the staircase went down deeper. Oh, this is an adventure part for me : I had to enter a narrow cave, then even more narrow that only fit to one person with a very low natural light inside. A slight drop of water  and the smell of moss added to the dramatic cave situation. I was quite sure I wasn’t in Scooby doo scene. It was a little bit spooky but (of course) so natural. I questioned myself : “how deep is the cave? Are there more monkeys inside? Are there bats? snakes?”

Good news! There were no snakes or bats inside, only several monkeys hanging around in the trees outside the cave. Though I was expecting a couple of bats 🙂 I really like that crazy cave. It was a quite deep cliff anyway.




The white-sand beach was quiet atmosphere and crystal clear waters made me relax after a long time to swim and snorkeling here. I saw 5-6 surfers enjoyed the waves. Some part of the beach looks virgin and has very rough rocks that I could walk on carefully. This beach is not too big, also has several outdoor showers, has coconut & snacks sellers.



Padang Padang was a hidden beach, however it’s getting popular. This beach is different, cheap and a well worth to visit.

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Strolling Around Montmartre Paris

(by Rosye Beadle)

Montmartre, a 130 meters (427 feet) hill, is located in north Paris. It’s one of the historic district. The word Montmartre is translated to mean “mountain of the martyr” and was derived from the martyrdom of Saint Denis – the bishop of Paris. It is the centre of art, which actually during the mid to late 1800s, artists also began calling Montmartre home. Many artists worked and had studio in here, such as Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, Renoir and Picasso. So, you can imagine how artistic this place.

Beside the sea of arts, what I like about Montmartre is it has retained much of its character and village-like charm.
art village

Sacre Coeur Basilica. Photo credit : Matlafous
Couldn’t skip this art nouveau church. Montmartre Abbey.
art village
Le Chat Noir restaurant and jazz cafe

This historical restaurant first opened in 1881. When I came to the restaurant, it took about 12 minutes waiting for a table, however the food that I had taste so good. Parfait!
Espace Dali, Montmartre
diving into Dali’s mind
stairs galore in Montmartre

The best way to enjoy Montmartre is by walking, so you won’t miss the interesting spots. You can’t get less exercise to be here. Fun and healthy at the same time 🙂

Will I come back to visit this place? yes

If you have any comments or like to share a little experience about Montmartre, please leave it below. Thank you readers

Have a nice Holiday




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UAE : Inside The Burj Al Arab

(by : Rosye Beadle)

Last February (2015) I had a chance to attend a fashion show event at the first 7s stars hotel, The Burj Al Arab in Dubai. It is said that Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious hotel. Several times I had events close to this hotel and I would not miss to take picture of the hotel from a different angle. Finally I decided to overcome my curiosity for how interesting this 1053 foot high building from inside.


The building is located in a man-made island, Jumeirah. I had to cross a white bridge to enter the hotel. Just after I entered the hotel lobby, I was completely sure that I wouldn’t be disappointed as my eyes were indulged by the interesting modern architecture. It’s so unique and how luxurious? It was answered by the real gold plated interiors.


After I browsed at first floor, I went to the second floor. There were restaurants, luxury boutiques and more gold things to be captured with my little camera. Then I moved to upper floor that was Al Falak ballroom. The design is inspired by the 18th century Vienna opera house style. One word, Stunning!



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London : My Impromptu Journey at Camden ‘Punk Rock’ Town

(by: Rosye Beadle)

I am a fan of jazz, funk, acid and rock music. Therefore while I was in London city I didn’t forget to have a self-guided music tour with my husband. I have also heard there is an interesting town with a strong musical reputation that is called Camden, which forms part of Inner London.

An Impromptu Journey

Yes, I had an impromptu journey in London! We extended our visit in London for a couple of days more and chose to stay in Camden Lock with a desire to found out more about this music town. Beside that the hotel had a friendly price. Sounds good, isn’t it? ,photo : RosyeBe Photography photo by : RosyeBe Photography

Look What I Found

When I was walking along the Camden High Street, I felt like I was surrounded by rock fans. However according to the music history of this town, Rock is not the only strength, it is also the venue of various music. It is no surprise that MTV Europe is based in this town.

follow : ,photo : RosyeBe Photography

Talking about fashion, There is no doubt that Punk Rock fashion is the dominant style of this town, but my eyes were also indulged by Vintage and Retro style in Camden Market. I was quite surprised for the 50’s,70’s and 80’s fashion that still have their own fans as I saw number of enthusiastic buyers in that market.

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Gastronomy adventurer may spend longer hours here as there are loads of food stalls that serve international foods in an open-air area. I had a Japanese lunch at the first day at Camden Lock, and then a Mexican food at the second day at Camden Market.


A little tip, while I was visiting this town, I preferred bring no precious things in my bag. By the way, nothing bad happened when we were there.

As there were loads of open-air cafes, bars and restaurants near the hotel where we stayed, so I heard a music instrument was still playing at 12 am. Anyway it didn’t bother me to continue sleeping because we have walked almost nonstop in Camden. I had fun as I expected.*rb-Aug2015

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Thailand : My Deal in Thailand

(by : Rosye Beadle)

When people want to relax, they might prefer a quiet place. I could say crowds were my daily bread, as my usual journey to and from my office was always accompanied with hustle.   I filled my head with confidence that the crowds would vanish soon on my next holiday. Funny enough, I travelled to Bangkok, Thailand. Would I get my peace and quiet? No, the holiday time that I was dreaming to spend away from the crowds was changed.

Well, It was ok. I thought; let’s have a holiday with peace in mind. When my spouse and I arrived  in Bangkok it was early in the day prior to the hotel checked in time, so we waited in the hotel’s restaurant with a nice view just on the banks of the Chao Phraya river, a major river in Thailand.  While we sat, I checked the tourist destinations map and we planned our tourist expeditions to the main attractions.  We also discovered that from our hotel we could use the river transport to reach many of the interesting spots and temples in an effortless way.  We could avoid all the road traffic. Deal!

thailand layers

The first time I stepped down to the boat, I was attacked by a small bout of nervousness. It was not because of the large numbers of people who were in line to board the boats that worried me, but the people who already squeezed on the boat making it seem overladen.

After overcoming my nervousness, the journey on the river boat to each dock along the river and temples was fun. Actually for me this was the real journey. I soaked in the originality. On disembarking at several of the docks we had to pass through simple traditional markets to reach the tourist attractions.  We took the time to taste the coconut water from a small coconut shell. There were lots of palm fruits displayed at the market, asking to be consumed.

Talking about Thai food, I enjoyed Tom Kha Kai (chicken in coconut soup) and seafood fried rice that was served in a pineapple.

One of the must see attraction to visit in Bangkok is The Grand Palace which is located in the heart of Bangkok. It is the biggest complex of historical buildings in the city.  In walking around the complex I felt a great sense of the historical development of Thailand. We also visited several temples in Bangkok. I was captivated by the beautiful architecture of the temples.  Each of them has its unique style. One of the temples I visited was Wat Po -The temple of the reclining Buddha. I remember when I was in that temple I stared longingly at the enormous reclining Buddha statue that is made of gold. It is the biggest gold Buddha statue I’ve ever seen.

The third day, we left Bangkok and flew to Kamala Beach, Phuket. I finally had my quiet time. At the beach I could still see a little part of the beach that was damaged by the Tsunami in 2004, but most of the beach was repaired. To reach the public beach from our hotel, they took us in a wooden Tuk Tuk. We followed the up and down roads. Try the shaky effect! When we reached the beach I was taken a back by the beautiful panorama. Just don’t forget to put on the sunblock! (rb14)

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