United Arab Emirates : Al Ain & Oasis

(by : Rosye Beadle)

.. I am a generation of  tap water consumer

Oasis, It was the first thing  that attracted me to visit Al Ain. An Oasis city and the emirate’s heritage heartland  that  located about 120 kilometres from Dubai and  160 kilometres from Abu Dhabi. When I hear or read about Oasis, It always reminds me of the film that I watched many years ago, Lawrence of Arabia. In one of the scene when Lawrence (Peter O’Toole) had a conversation with an Arabian Man (Omar Sharif) , They took water from a well in the middle of the desert and in other scene they took a rest at the oasis area.

The temperature in Al Ain in early November was 31-32 °C. I prefered to wear a three-quarter sleeves blouse and a cargo trouser.  Luckily I brought my hat to avoid the quiet strong sun.

It amazed me when I saw the oasis directly and made me smile at the same time as I am a generation of  tap water consumer 🙂  Of course I didnt take water from the well at that time, I walked vivaciously under the thousands of hanging date fruits.

I then visited Al Ain museum which displayed the archaeological history of that region. There is another museum called Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum.  I  spent a few hours to see the sunset at Jebel Hafeed- The highest peak in Emirates.  The afternoon breeze in Al Ain was very nice. I would say thanks to the patient driver that took me to the highest peak of the majestic rocky mountain in cozy and safely way.


*rb Nov2014

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